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Challenge toward continuous development of probe pin technology

As my business carrier, I started as mechanical engineer involved concept ional design work of thermal power plants .I was engaged in day-to day designing work under such continuous, but unconscious pressure that a single mistake of my designing might lead to significant financial risk as well as heavy losses in men in the worst case.

Almost 10 years have past after being involved in contact pin business, in my body such engineering spirit toward technology development, has been flowing in my body. On the way back home I am wondering by myself if I have done my best or not as an engineer, even my engineering work does not lead to losses in men.
When I came into the probe pin business, such a word “AISHOU(chemistry or matching)” gave me sense of discomfort since this word was often heard as the performance of probe pins. This sense was more magnified by the fact that Semiconductor industry is one of the most technology-wise advanced ones. As an engineer, I wondered if there is any engineering solution instead of “AISHOU” and found out that I had started to think “I will come up with engineering solution by myself !”

This is original point of starting-up of Link MicRo’ as probe pin company in 2003.

In front of scattered data, multiple complex effecting factors to the performance of pins, we have been struggling to find out the path to better performance design. Our engineering spirits and Interactive communication with clients finally lead to the probe pins “Honmono” Series. Now we expanded the solution to design consultation to sockets which are critical partner to probe pins in performance. We continue to pour all energy in evolving solution with clients.

Please contact us to understand what our pins/technology looks like and its performance. We are sure that we will propose you the best suited contact solution to satisfy your needs by our unique engineering techniques and challenging spirits.

We would like to ask for your continuous support in the years to come

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